DeLuxe Driving School

The first Deluxe driving school was opened in Laval in 2014 by two young entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have from the beginning aimed to open a driving school which can offer affordable and high-quality service. The hard and rigorous work of these entrepreneurs permitted them to open a prestigious school who offers courses with luxurious cars.

After the reform, all driving courses, who were already expensive, became mandatory and as a result, the price for driving courses rose in the driving schools recognized by the AQTR. However, we know that most of our client are regular individuals who desire only to obtain their attestation from an efficient education but without paying an exorbitant price. The Deluxe driving school has a goal of answering that demand. That is why the prices at the Deluxe driving school are affordable et the school offers multiples promotions and without diminishing the quality of the services it offers to students.

It is with great pride that the Deluxe driving school family has three schools situated in Laval, Saint-Therese, and Saint-Jerome. All of the Deluxe driving schools are recognized by the SAAQ and the AQTR. They are also members of the AECQ.

Presently, the Deluxe driving schools serve a large clientele from all aspects of life. The instructors and monitors, who are competent and certified, assure to dispense high-quality driving courses. The satisfaction of our student is a priority for the Deluxe driving schools.

The Deluxe driving schools offer:

  • Driving courses with certified vehicles ( all our cars respect the norms and standards established by the SAAQ);
  • Diverse payment plans;
  • Courses in French, English, and Arabic ( Arabic courses are only for practice courses)
  • Affordable price;
  • Professional and efficient services;
  • Instructors and monitors who are accredited by the AQTR;